Yes, there is an AI-controlled character called Zorg in VF5. Yes, it is based on the subconsciously-but-not-purposefully copied off The Fifth Element user name we use here. Yes, his victory quotes are referencing UKR. No, we did not receive any form of payment for this. Yes, it gives us an occasional erection to think about it.

So yes, it is a bit of UKR FOREVER ENTWINED with an AM2 development. We have penetrated the very bowels of AM2. This means we will all live on for eternity, even after the welcoming embrace of death has taken away the pain.

More famous than Steve Brookstein

Plus (and we promised Adam Doree we would link to this one day when the time was right) the AM2 VF5 developers themselves “are aware of the message for Blue Sky!” so there could be someone from AM2 reading these very words RIGHT NOW. There’d better not be any typos. Not that they’d know or be able to tell.

“I was playing Virtua Fighter 5 this morning when, in one of the easier arcades, a fella by the name of Zorg challenged me. As my camera was close by after last night’s ‘session’ I thought I’d take a quick snap (2304 x 1728 resolution!), as it’s clearly based on you. And yes, that IS a Dreamcast arcade stick and tissue box holder next to the telly. What you can’t see is that the Dreamcast, Saturn AND Mega Drive are all still hooked up. Cheers, Nick.”