As expected, the post-Christmas “Let’s be REALLY awesome in 2008 and put LOADS of effort into EVERYTHING!” enthusiasm is already a distant memory. Here’s what we slogged through and got away with during the last seven days for various other media nodes.

  • This thing about the Halo movie which isn’t really very good, but we did come up with a nice idea of an ending for the film.
  • This thing where we “liveblogged” from PC World. It was a joke about all the people that “liveblogged” from the previous day’s MacWorld. It was a fun afternoon, even though we had to shower with bleach to get the smell of death (PC World) off afterwards.
  • This thing about Star Wars shoes. There really wasn’t anything better to write about on the entire internet that afternoon.
  • This thing which is just the same old anti-Mac thing we’ve been banging on about for years, only done with less swearing for the mainstream. There’s a photo on it too, if you want to put my head on some gay porn for the amusement of the internet.
  • This thing about that man in his pants who says he “did” the Wii way before Nintendo.
  • This thing about LG’s “fresh meat,” because you can’t not use pictures like this when they come along:
  • Definitely at least 17

    It’s January. It’s cold. It’s raining. It’s hard to be enthusiastic about anything. 4/10 and an apology.