While we wait for all the videos we took at ATEI 2008 yesterday to upload for the ATEI MEGA UPDATE that’s coming later, why not shake your head in disappointment at a few of the “gems” we have generated for elsewhere this week?

  • This thing in which we usher in a new era of honesty in online journalism by admitting to not having a clue about the significance of the Australian market.
  • This thing which is just a list of old YouTube videos, but it did let us introduce our Carol Vorderman fetish to a newer and wider audience. If just one extra man imagines his wife is Carol Vorderman during sex tonight because of this, it’ll all have been worth it.
  • This thing about suing Microsoft. Includes hi-res photo of thumb.
  • This thing which was a “high concept” joke about plagiarism, in which we plagiarised an article about plagiarism. We had to explain this to company management when uploading it, just in case we were actually accused of genuine plagiarism as a result.
  • This thing about shopping trolley lifestyle photography, because you can’t not use pictures like this when they come along:
  • Blatant trolling

    Amused ourselves while simultaneously bewildering and frightening others. This week’s batch therefore gets an avant-garde and new-wave 8/10.


    Stuart did this thing about portable wanking machines. Stuart also used to work on Dreamcast magazine. If we die, hopefully Stuart will be able to take over here, as he seems more than qualified.