Definitely remember lusting over this in the Argos catalogue, and begging mum and dad to buy it for Christmas. Even though, being 23-years-old and in full-time employment at the time, we could’ve just gone down to the shops and bought one for ourselves.

TOG rating 9.5. Tear absorption rating 8.0

TOUCHING HUMAN INTEREST STORY: “My grandma bought me this duvet set back in the 90s and I’d use it whenever I went to stay over.”

SEGA Humping Wank Pillow

“Somehow it ended up fully in my possession and I still use it to this day. I’m pretty sure I had a notepad and pencil tin back then with the same design on as well.”

'Ah! A Sonic duvet! Please tell me story behind it...'

“It’s definitely my favourite duvet cover set and always a good conversation piece. I used to think that the golden outlines on the text on the pillow case glowed in the dark, but they don’t – Joe, Sheffield.”

Pull tightly over head and pretend

A remarkably clean an un-stained example.