That’s using Alan Duncan’s definition of soaring – ie, it has sunk without trace, even in the PlayStation3 solo charts it’s languishing at number 15 this week behind the usual pile of multi-format shite.

Singstar sales sore-ing

So… PlayStation3 owners aren’t buying console-exclusive games, and they aren’t buying Blu-ray movies, and Sony loses money on each PS3 it tricks someone into buying? This “Ten Year Plan” is AWESOME!

Let's fuck instead

And so much for the great plan of flogging extra songs for a quid a pop via the PlayStation Network. The amount of money Singstar PS3 must’ve sucked up has to be immense. At least the PS2 versions will keep selling for another three or four months.

Can someone anonymously send us the UK hardware sales figures again, please? It was great fun last time! We felt like dead hard mavericks. Gmail accounts are untraceable, especially if you pop into an internet cafe. The Excel document will do. You know the one we mean. Ta.