So you all had the duvet and some of you had the curtains. But how many had the accompanying bean bag? Or, should we say, SEGA THRONE OF POWER? It’s like real life Animal Crossing. Imagine combining it all with the carpet as well.

It is a bean bag

“The Sonic duvet set also had a bean bag to make your Sonic shrine of a room complete. I would only sit on it when I played the Mega Drive so I could sit on something SEGA while playing SEGA. One time, my brother was playing the Nintendo while sitting on it but I told him that was wrong.”

It has SONIC on it

“I’ve taken the liberty of placing it on top of a ladder to demonstrate how the years have taken their toll on a once proud piece of SEGA merchandise. See how it flops?”

What more do you want?

“I honestly don’t know where the beans went. Maybe my sister ate them, maybe I ate them in a fit of rage and self-harm when my brother told me Knuckles was a girl and wouldn’t listen to reason. I keep it in my wardrobe with the clothes Mummy bought from Asda and a copy of Sonic 3D – Sonicsaiyan.”