These photos arrived. The entire purpose of them seems to be making us sad and angry that we don’t have one of the items in question, possibly even triggering a jealous rage. AND IT WORKED :(

Inside the den of shame

FROM AFAR: “Hi UKR. I acquired this item of clothing just to send in photographs of it to you.”

100% robot-made fibres

“I would wear it on the street, but it’s a little small. In fact, this one is probably perfect for your frail boy-body, but I’m going to keep it (I might send it to you once the novelty wears off).”

Almost the the same photo. Doesn't deserve a caption of its own

“Also, there’s another whole SEGA tag on the side I forgot to photograph.”

Aspirational urban outerwear

“The snaps were taken in average res using a 2MP camera phone W10 something i? Anyway, no one needs a camera with more meganess than that.”

Need the matching pants

“Back in 2001, I stole a camera off of Adam Doree he bought in Japan for £900 and it was only 1.3 mega pixels. I still have it too. Have a great day! – Stefan.”