It was a hard week. We fell back on the classic ploy of sneaking anti-Sony statements into nearly everything in a desperate grab for attention. It worked, but we feel ashamed about pretty much all of this lot:

  • This thing which was last Friday’s go at rousing up the rabble for the weekend. It went very well!
  • This thing which was a bit more rabble rousing, as it’s really hard to resist when you have access to such a vast collection of willing rabble.
  • This thing. More of the same. Just can’t help it. They get SO ANGRY!
  • This thing about a big printer. It’s nice being able to introduce your odd technology fetishes to a wider audience. If just one person goes out and spends $280,000 on a really big printer because of this update, it will all have been worth it.
  • This thing in which we fail to mask our contempt for some “Halo shoes.”
  • This thing about the “sexing up” of Bluetooth headsets, because you can’t not use pictures like this when they come along:
  • Bag over head, then sex-up

    Worst week yet. 3/10. Would like to apologise to anyone who inadvertently stumbled across any of this this nonsense via Google. Genuinely feel quite bad about dirtying the internet in this fashion.