As well as all those rubbish photos of SEGA memorabilia, we have also assembled the following news items for other parts of the internet. Including:

  • This thing which is, on the surface, about boring cross-promotional media deals. But is actually just an excuse to link to an amazing YouTube clip of an Airbus A310 nearly crashing at an air show.
  • This thing in which we casually, and some might say effortlessly, slip the old agenda onto a Nintendo blog. Just for fun.
  • This thing about people that needs to done gone gets themselves a-killed. Or at least segregated off from everyone else and chemically castrated.
  • This thing about a collapse in the meat-based dog industry.
  • This thing about something to do with the Eee PC that happened somewhere foreign, because you can’t not use pictures like this when they come along:
  • Hot mother/daughter action

    Not exactly inspirational, but at least not so bad we’ll try to delete it all without anyone noticing in a few weeks. 5/5.