Videos explaining SEGA to children! Voiced by Andy Crane! Detailing SEGA marketing during the Mega Drive era! Explaining it simply so we can understand! With celebrities like Damon Hill! A mention of the 32X! Loads of brilliant old SEGA adverts! Even an advert that says “To be this virtuous takes Virtua Racing” AND a Virtua Racing 32X bus!!

Sorry about all those exclamation marks, but this discovery is very nearly worth it:

Finally, an excuse to use the term “marketing mix” on the site.

Part Two of the film SEGA created to brainwash the children of 1995 and turn them into a generation of adults that would only buy SEGA hardware. Sadly this initiative failed, so it’s back to War Men: Aliens Versus Earth :(

“Found two links on YouTube showing how SEGA sold the various items relating to its brand back when they knew how to do it. The voice-over seems to be done by Andy Crane and on part two there’s a clip of Right Said Fred singing their number 55 hit ‘Wonderman’ which isn’t exactly the best example of cross-promotion branding (though it would be considered brilliant by their inept marketing department a few years later). Shame they lost this tape when the Dreamcast came out – Peter Bibbings.”