There was a slight disturbance over on Idiot Toys that resulted in the police getting called and several readers’ mums being notified about their behaviour. It is still operating at DEFCON 2. Here are some things that were received slightly better – ie, there were no death or legal threats about.

  • This thing about no one being bothered to bend down and turn the plug off.
  • This thing about cross-promotional marketing, MySpace still being “going” and episodes of Columbo.
  • This thing about Brain Training, because we are contractually obliged to pretend we think Wii is a proper games machine once in a while.
  • This thing about the informal Stupidest People of the Year competition the entire world seems to be running at the moment.
  • This thing about something called “Pootie Tang.”
  • This thing about the Canon EF1200mm zoom lens, because you can’t not use pictures like this when they come along:
  • A traumatic 6/10.