Not a particularly good week, but it was saved by the intervention of a man called “Marcel” who bravely took way too many photographs than strictly necessary of women in a jacuzzi. If it wasn’t for Marcel’s intervention, we could’ve been looking at an overall score as low as 3/10.

  • This thing about cross-promoting brands and intellectual properties vis-a-vis capturing the critical youth demographic.
  • This thing about maybe having to play games with poor people.
  • This thing about developments in x-ray technology.
  • This thing about making it easier for people to carry their MacBook Airs safely from A (art school) to B (dad’s chalet in Switzerland).
  • This thing about CeBIT 2008, because you can’t not use pictures like this when they come along:
  • Would like to skin them

    The Photo Of Women In A Jacuzzi law has come into play, meaning this week’s batch gets a compulsory 10/10.