Official PlayStation3 UK trade magazine MCV has decided to stop printing press releases about how PlayStation3 is the best thing ever this week, and has instead allowed SEGA to cover its entire front and back sections in a gloriously glossy advert for SEGA Superstars Tennis.

Our one-time-enemy and now almost friend Adam ‘Shenmue 3’ Doree exclusively reveals SEGA’s “B2B” promotional scheme for SST.

SEGA Superstars Tennis specialist campaign

“Tomorrow’s edition of MCV popped through the letterbox of Kikizo’s global headquarters in Leicester Square today, and when I saw it my eyes nearly melted with spastic orgasm joy. I don’t know why I always get MCV one day before it’s meant to be out – maybe it’s because I’m ace. However, I am clearly not as ace as SEGA SUPERSTARS TENNIS, and definitely not as ace as this SEGA-sponsored issue of MCV.”

SEGA Superstars Tennis specialist campaign

“As you can see by these hastily scanned images of the front and back of the issue, this really is as good as it gets when it comes to SEGA artwork. I think you would even be able to see up Ulala’s skirt, except Amigo’s hat is in the way. But this will still make for a glorious sunny SEGA update on UKR, and will “fit in” nicely with your SEGA SUPERSTARS TENNIS MONTH coverage. I am attaching a couple of different resolutions because you can see the dots in the larger one but I think the users should have choice of resolutions.”

“I am sure the nice people at MCV and SEGA won’t mind us promoting the game and their publication in this manner, in fact it’s what ghastly media types like to call “added value” since this is just more exposure, and that. It’s just like the old days when I used to scan SEGA SATURN MAGAZINE and put it on SEGAWEB and then ignore angry emails from EMAP.

“By the way, please can you link to my intersite above, since when I am not telling lies about Shenmue for hits I am begging for traffic off of SEGA/WANKING sites. Cheers – Adam.”