You cannot go wrong with a game in which Ulala transforms from her Space Channel 5 Part 1 costume into her Space Channel 5 Part 2 costume. Anyone who says otherwise is a LIAR and a FRAUD, or someone who spent the tail-end of 1999 waiting for PS2 to come out rather than importing Japanese Dreamcast games at massive expense.

SEGA Superstars Tennis - Ulala love-in

Look at her. She’s amazing. She’s exactly like the original Dreamcast Ulala artwork. It’s the real Ulala. It is HER.

White, for reduced appearance of stains

Taking screenshots of Ulala is a dream come true. The quality of the game doesn’t matter – we’ve had more fun taking screenshots of Ulala than playing any game from the last year. Taking screenshots of Ulala – 10/10.