Think there’s just one umpire? THINK AGAIN! SEGA Superstars Tennis has a choice of two umpires – that’s twice the sound, twice the words and twice the recording studio time with the voice-over artists. This is no mere game – it’s a labour of love.

SEGA Superstars Tennis - WOMAN

Here, we are selecting the female voice. It’s like having a female in your flat. You can say “How many slices of bread are left, love?” Then you can make her say “Fifteen, love” and it’s like you’re talking to a woman!

SEGA Superstars Tennis - MAN

Now attempting the male voice. You can say “Would you like anything to drink, Dave?” Then you can get the score to 40-40 and the man will say “Deuce” so you can serve up the man a glass of juice and it’s just like having a friend. What a game.