This is rapidly becoming our favourite type of update. It’s just a thing that looks a bit like another thing. It requires no thought, just a bit of looking at to decided if the thing really does look like the thing it’s supposed to.

In this case, it does. It really is a bridge that looks like a Space Invader.

Bridge/Space Invader amazing coincidence

“Right, lets get to it, I found a bridge that sort of looks like a Space Invader. I thought it was a Gadget with a Face but then realised that it wasn’t, so sent it to UK Resistance instead because a Bridge isn’t exactly an idiot toy. Obviously, feel free to ignore my e-mail and insert it roughly into your recycle bin. By the way, I didn’t take this picture with a super-dooper DSLR camera – I simply nicked it off Flickr. Thanks, CHRIS.”