No idea. literally no idea whatsoever. But it’s free photographs and words, so will do for today.

“Seriously terrible stuff so apologies in advance.Short version, we built a Thing for our hens and covered it with old CDs for maximum psychedelic chicken freakout potential. One of those CDs turned out to be an old Dreamkey for the ever-marvelous Dreamcast.”

“In the pictures you will see the Thing itself (for context) and then some close-ups of the disk itself with some added hen action. They are clearly loving being close to it, or at least not running away in fear from it. Their little beady eyes make it quite difficult to tell, to be honest.”

“It’s no DC controller box next to a tree but they have a subtle charm all of their own – Sir Rich.”

We exclusively caught up with Sir Rich last week, to ask him why chickens need a Thing made out of wood and CDs.

UKR: Why do your hens need one of those? Does it have a proper scientific purpose?

SIR RICH: To be honest they probably don’t, what with them not living in tiny cages their entire lives, but it gives them something to look and peck at. Also, they’re forest creatures so they like having dappled sunshine to lie around in, and it does give them that, too. We’ve also now lashed a load of logs together for them to balance on.

Basically it’s what you do in the countryside in an attempt to silence the voices, the voices and their incessant calls for blood. We built a henge a couple of weeks ago and a firepit today, which is currently cooking a massive lump of beef. it’s like gadgets, but gadgets made out of mud and sticks.