Here’s a toner cartridge that looks like a video game shotgun. It even has an official designation that sounds like a video game shotgun – the Canon C-EXV8. If we remember correctly, that’s the precise model that Chip Cockloader used in Generic Corridor SpaceDeaths II. No, wait, Generic Corridor SpaceDeaths III. The one that was set on Earth.

“I was going to send this to Idiot Toys but I couldn’t be bothered finding the email address. I was going to write something humorous about killing my colleagues, too, but time constraints played a part in this rushed email. BEHOLD… A printer cartridge that looks like a shotgun. Not an actual shotgun – I’d say a video game shotgun. Like Halo 3 shotguns. God that game was shite. How did it get those scores? I’d taken it back with in a couple weeks – I would have given it a 6/10. Call of Duty 4 is far the better game. Anyway. Shotgun! – James.”

STAR READER James also bravely submitted a mobile phone video of himself standing in the company store room and “pumping da hammer.” Exemplary submission, James.