SEGA MEGA POWER batteries! Please alert all corners of the internet. We must have these. Dead or alive. Corroded or as-new. Cash waiting. As much cash as you want. Even sex. Any kind of sex. Our ear holes are your ear holes. Jizz on our feet. ANYTHING.

Open ever flap. Check every toy. No compartment left untouched

“These could have been the sole batteries to bring the energy life of the Game Gear in line with that of the Game Boy and thus win the handheld battle and change the history of SEGA.”

Power beyond dreams!

“Who knows, it could have led to complete domination and we’d be sat here playing Dreamcast 2 by now. Unfortunately, it appears as though they were made for SEGA by Sony, so I imagine they tended to explode and production was ceased. Shame. Cheers, Brynaldo.”

Seriously. Mail in if you have some and there’s a tenner in it for you.

The Germans got them as well.

More host countries to source originals in!