We have made it to the big 20 without ruining anything. This calls for a celebration. Right, that was fun. On with the business of generating organic traffic growth via a series of cross-brand links.

  • This thing about Geometry Wars 2, which along with Ninja Gaiden II, is the only thing stopping us putting all our game consoles on eBay or a fire and just giving up.
  • This thing about IOC member Kevan Gosper being able to change his Facebook status from “is watching the ladies pole vault” to “is watching the diving” while in Beijing this summer.
  • This thing about phones.
  • This thing about having your dead self sent to the moon.
  • This thing about women touching each others’ faces like buttons, because you can’t not use pictures like this when they come along:
  • Would a reference to Sam Fox classic 'Touch Me' be too old for everyone?

    5/10. Which isn’t a bad thing – 5/10 is average.