It’s happy 21st weekly birthday to everyone’s most-ignored regular UKR feature! To celebrate, we have instead decided to pick out the very worst updates out of the dismal array of tat we have broadcast via “the network” this week. It’s bad enough to have the internet police busting the front door down at 4.00am, dragging us to the station in our underpants and forcing the un-publishing of the below articles at gunpoint.

  • This thing about the GTA IV Activity Book, because, although being genuinely excited about GTA IV, there’s still some subconscious need inside us to appear above it all and uncaring.
  • This thing about exciting innovations in the world of ‘walking’.
  • This thing which is a relatively good shot at appearing enthusiastic about Unreal Tournament III, even though it would appear to be one of the most boring video games yet created.
  • This thing about Bulgarians not having the internet.
  • This thing about the LG ‘Black Addict’ washing machine launch, because you can’t not use pictures like this when they come along:
  • Has to sit on it, else it makes the cooker vibrate

    This week constituted the “second strike” – one more set this bad and it’ll be back to the Cornish dole office. 2/10.