How very annoying. Ours were enthusiastically stuck up on a wall, left to fade, and left to get small airborne particles of jism attached to them over the years. What we should’ve done is kept them rolled up in a tube for future generations to enjoy.

Fortunately, reader “Felix” did just that.

“Just wanted to share with the cold, lonely and neglected SEGA Saturn owners out there, all over the world, the two Saturn posters that I own. Hopefully it will bring back some nostalgic cheer/heart break of the good old Saturn days to all those crushed Segafan spirits.”

“I managed to get these posters in pristine condition (I’ve never really unrolled them, hence the phones holding down the corners) on eBay many many years back, in the days when not everyone heard about it, they actually sold everything, paypal wasn’t owned by ebay and 2nd hand games weren’t massive over priced. There was also an awesome looking Virtua Cop 2 saturn poster that I wanted the most, but didn’t manage to win because some random arranged with the seller to buy it outside of ebay, and thus only managed to get the two. If the seller or buyer of the Virtual Cop 2/Sega posters is reading this, I’d just like to say: FUCK YOU >:E”

“Sorry for the crappy camera pics, I’m quite bad with the digital camera since my girlfriend is the one that takes the good photos…and I’m too embarrassed to ask her to take a picture of these posters.”

“PS: Also wanted to say I’m honoured that you guys copied and pasted my email on your webpage in 2004 – Felix.”

Thanks, Felix. And thanks for not bearing a grudge about the rather harsh treatment you received from us in 2004.