This is one of those updates where we have caved in under massive public demand. Everyone thinks we should “do something” about the HD remake of Sonic 2, so here it is.

Some kids on the internet are remaking Sonic 2 in HD. This is what it looks like:

Looks OK, innit?

We don’t want to go “poo-pooing” anyone’s hard work or anything, but the chances of this reaching any sort of meaningful conclusion are rather remote. It’s one thing drawing up some pretty sprites and having everyone on the internet go “Wow!” over them, but sooner or later someone’s going to get lumbered with recreating all of Oil Ocean Zone. Then it’s not going to seem like such a jolly laugh.

You can see the nicotine-stained fingers

Still, we’ve been maintaining a SEGA-based folly for 12 years now, so aren’t really in any position to go handing out advice.