It’s your weekly glimpse through the looking glass, into the world where we try to convince other people we are grown-ups that know what’s going on and aren’t just making it all up on the spot.

  • This thing about football being for idiots and builders.
  • This thing about the unfortunate life of Richard Gaywood.
  • This thing about what Greenpeace moaned about this week.
  • This thing which is about politics.
  • This thing about what Aaron Greenberg said this week. We really hope Aaron Googles his name some time and sends us an email so we can concoct AWESOME SCHEMES together to take down Sony.
  • This thing about the Dreamcast First Aid Kit, because you can’t not use pictures like this when they come along:
  • Reader also made excellent cutting woman joke

    Adequate. Made it through unscathed. No one died or got grassed up. 5/10.