SEGA Saturn spotted on contemporary Fanta bottle! Clear sign of imminent return to hardware business for the once-dominant force in gaming! Fizzy pop tie-in cleverly designed to target youth demographic!


Fanta Saturn WEEK

“No this isn’t some Fanta bottle I’ve been keeping since 1996 – this is a brand new Fanta bottle. What is on the side of it? ONLY THE BEST CONSOLE EVER CREATED WHICH HAS BEEN DEAD 10 YEARS! This can only mean… #1 SEGA is planning on re-releasing the Saturn and were planning some sort of launch with Fanta but they have accidentally leaked it….”

NEXT WEEK: Gamecubes on Irn Bru

“#2 Fanta are giving away prizes which can only be appreciated by those loser kids who were in their late childhood/early teens during 1995 to 1998 and decided to get a Saturn and then stubbornly refused to admit that it was dying and convinced themselves forever that it was the greatest thing in existence and developed a life-long hatred for Sony Computer Entertainment….”

NEXT MONTH: Game Boy Advances on Kestrel

“#3 Fanta requested a nondescript ‘games console’ on the bottle and the art guy got lazy and thought he could copy some console that no one would remember – Louis”

Please write in. Clearly whoever designed this is a Saturn fan, in their 30s, male, and loving the irony of getting the image of a Saturn in a modern mainstream media campaign. You no doubt thought the suits would reject the design and tell you to do something that looks more like a PlayStation, but they didn’t. You sneaked it through and can’t believe your luck. Well done. We salute you, anonymous Fanta campaign designer *PINS ENAMEL UKR BADGE TO CHEST OF DESIGNER*