SEGA Rally 3 is an arcade version of last year’s console remake, apparently, stuck on a PC-based bit of arcade kit with more power than SEGA’s Lindbergh board. Someone sent us photos of it when it was on test under the name of “Super Challenge” a few months ago, but we didn’t use the photos because it looked like a cheap Chinese rip-off.

SEGA Rally 3 logo of mild excitement

Not a cheap Chinese rip-off. It is, in fact, a reason to visit an arcade again for the first time since 2005.

'Super Challenge'

“I’ll see if I get more time and get some better pics of the machine and a vid of it in motion. I didn’t see anyone else play it, but I was feeling proper rocked about when I sat in there!”

You didn't read about it here first

“Hope this is good enough, I was gonna send you a picture of a tramp walking around with Sonic the Hedgehog woolly hat, but I accidentally deleted the pic. Oh, and any chance you can put GHZ on the side of your “For people who asked nicely” for a link? THANKS!