It’s not just on bottles. It is also on cans. This marketing campaign is covering the entire spectrum of Fanta beverage containers. SEGA must’ve laid down millions to secure such awesome youth-oriented advertising spaces for the upcoming launch of Saturn II!

Surely the official SEGA press release about Saturn II must be coming out today now Fanta’s broken the embargo?

“I must admit, I kind of thought that this whole SEGA-spotting thing was getting a bit old and possibly even dull, but that was until I did some myself. WOW! It feels so good! Anyway, here’s some pictures of a can of Fanta.”

“I didn’t actually read the back of the can, but it looks like they’re running a competition where you can win something that you want, instead of them selling out to any particular company. BUT LOOK! In order to show everyone what kind of things that they should be wanting, in prime position on the front of the can is a Saturn! Not only that, but a WHITE Saturn! That’s what the kids should lust after these days, not a Sony XBox or whatever. Lots of love, Chris.”

“PS – Sorry about the photo quality. If there’s demand I can use a proper camera to get higher res pictures. Alternatively, this is a piece of SEGA magic that everyone can go and buy from a shop right now, and see in real life resolution.”

The highest resolution macro photography of the “Saturn” Fanta tin we can manage.