Thanks to the Idiots in the Workplace Act (1979) we are employed to do the following. Every company must employ one person like us for every 15 normal members of staff. It’s a fantastic scheme – otherwise we’d be collecting trolleys from supermarket car parks as a living.

  • This thing which was a poor attempt at humour regarding Steve Jobs’ weight loss. We can only hope he’s been on a diet and isn’t suffering a relapse of his pancreatic cancer, as that would make it even less amusing.
  • This thing about (a) the state of modern dance music, (b) two things we thought had closed, (c) what makes a good holiday nowadays.
  • This thing about how receptionists aren’t as good as they used to be.
  • This thing about some Xbox 360 RPGs, because it’s been the worst week for video game news in living memory.
  • This thing in which we called another blog LIARS and got away with it. Mainly because, 24-hours later, it turned out they were lying. Or at least easy to trick by emailing “news” to.
  • This thing about how men are becoming almost entirely shed-based beings, because you can’t not use pictures like this when they come along:
  • 'And, by 2017, man had completely retreated to the safety of the garden'

    The Man-photo Rule gives this batch an automatic 1/10.