Sony’s pretend impartial publicity blog – and official enemy of UKR – Three Speech has plummeted to new lows recently, culminating in this – a “Top Trumps” update about “famous” Sony video game character Spyro. It literally cannot get any worse than this.

The only solace taken from this sort of drivel is that it is at least costing Sony money to spew out and maintain. £14 to renew the domain name is £14 less to spend on PS3 development. Every little hinders.

Sony Lie Blog - DEAD!

Sad to see you go, TS. It was moderate-at-best while it lasted. We are claiming this as a victory, by the way. A crushing victory. This tea we are drinking right now? It is not tea, it is the BLOOD of Three Speech! Expect the domain to be a list of links to Amazon in about three months time.