We need to apologise to a man called “Damien.” Damien very kindly sent us one of these Sonic The Hedgehog watches, back in about 2005, having found it and “haggled the seller (an elderly woman obviously selling her departed/dead son’s junk) down from £1 to 50p.”

We kept his email about it, but lost the watch. Sorry Damien. Pretty much every day since then we have felt a little bit guilty about that. However, we also owned one of these watches during the mid-1990s and wore it regularly, so it wasn’t that much of an exciting discovery in the first place.

So. Sorry, Damien. Sorry it’s been three years and we lost the thing you bought and sent in. Worse still, your place in UKR history has been taken by a man called “Randy” :(

“I know you love old stuff, especially when it has a picture of Sonic on it. Well, behold, attached are two photos of a Sonic the Hedgehog watch that I either bought or won from ‘Sonic the Comic’ around 1997. It’s even started to go a bit yellow, and there was plenty of sweat to scrape off. The wheel around the clockface rotates so you can time activities, such as a speed run of Metropolis Zone or how fast you can read the UK:R archives.”

“There was a manky 377 battery inside which has tarnished the brass. But a new battery brought it back to life, despite looking worse for wear. Such quality products from Sega Enterprises – Randy.”