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  • This thing about how terribly rubbish Google Knol appears.
  • This thing about some videos, in a list, because that’s easier for all concerned.
  • This thing about Jeff Minter’s descent into (further, deeper) madness.
  • This thing about what happens on the internet around the world 10000 times a second.
  • This thing about a “Robot Doctor” that’s clearly rubbish and is made out of Meccano and a broken old Dell.
  • This thing about the some women holding a telephone and what they have to do to get it for free, because you can’t not use pictures like this when they come along:
  • #1: Might, but seems a bit mumsy. #2: Would, appears keen

    Only 4/10, as that photograph makes us sad about the state of our teeth, hair, chest and four-year-old “handset.”