We have to pull a Kotaku on this one – Death Tank is coming to Xbox Live. It is the most classic and most lost of all the lost classics. The Holy Grail has been wanked into by more people than have seen or played Death Tank.

To access sequel Death Tank Zwei you had to own two Lobotomy Software-developed Saturn games, which would read each others save positions and unlock the game. Which was hidden on the Duke Nukem 3D disc. Or something along those lines. It was 11 years ago now and is quite hazy.

Death Tank Zwei - COMING BACK

As one of what can only be several hundred people in the world to have played the ultra-lost lost classic created by mid-90s genius developer Lobotomy, we can indeed confirm Death Tank as one of history’s greats. It rocked, that much we do remember.

Also vaguely remember being shit at it

Multiplayer perfection. If you’re not old enough to remember it, consider yourself lucky you get to experience it for the first time. Playing Death Tank for the first time is as thrilling as watching Total Recall or The Terminator for the first time, you lucky youths.


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