These through-the-spyhole photos of the Lara Croft model were taken by a man in a hotel near the Game Convention show in Leipzig. He heard noises outside his hotel room, noises loud enough to be heard over the hotel pornography channel and his own laboured breathing.

He investigated. He somehow managed to get his camera to work through the spy hole in the door and took photos of Lara going into the room opposite. Sex may have happened inside, possibly with her still wearing the costume and just pulling the relevant parts of it to one side to allow access, but that’s just us speculating.

Sensational field work

“We were demoing our game at Leipzig this week where the new Lara Croft made an appearance, wielding buns and guns and generally trying not to get molested by hordes of sweaty acne-riddled east-German teenagers. She almost succeeded. In the first pic she is still letting people get close to her, and let them smell her hair (it smells of cabbage and cheap fags). It is not me in the pic. The only real-life video game character I would touch would be through a flying tackle. She is definitely do-able, if a little short for a Lara. That night though, things got more interesting.”

Technologically astounding photographic work

“One colleague of mine who shall remain nameless lest he be mauled to death by his girlfriend, was hanging about in his hotel room one evening when he heard women’s voices in the hallway. As any one of us would do, he looked through the peephole. And what does he see? Lara is getting into the hotel room across from him. As you can see by the pics, he used his iPhone camera to snap pics of the poor girl through the looking hole before dropping his trousers and making meowing noises at the door. I think you guys can appreciate the creepiness and down-right terror these pictures will instil in people. Ms Croft may even call the cops on this one.”

Finest submission in years

“We suggested he should knock on the door wearing his bathrobe asking for a spare towel, or directions to the sauna in the vague hope of some German style pornography ensuing, but all he managed was to dreamily stare through the peek-hole for a few hours before falling asleep. Anyway, felt we had to send this one in. Hope you enjoy the perviness of it” – Seb.