No doubt handed out to ungrateful people back in the day. People who binned them at the time, unaware that they would now be sitting on something worth at least £5.99 on eBay.

“I did a bit of tidying up today and found two Dreamcast tins, one badly bent out of shape, and the other perfect. Just for you, I opened the bent one to see what was inside.”

“A Dreamcast digital watch! Hope these pictures are useful!” – Steve.

“PS: Did I ever email you an mp3 of a Sonic Hedgehog song, or did I just send a photo of the cover? Let me know if you want it.”

No idea. And it’s not really a Dreamcast watch. It’s a very, very cheap Chinese watch that someone at SEGA paid £250 to have the logo printed on. The Dreamcast experience is not reflected in the design.