Belgium! Let’s go to Belgium! It is the promised land! We will be able to walk the streets proud of who and what we are. There will be no more hiding, no more clandestine midnight liaisons with a copy of Bomberman and a Saturn multi-tap.

“Yesterday I was (for my work) in a relatively small town in the southern part of Belgium, called ‘Verviers’. When I was walking down town, I noticed an arcade with a genuine Sonic sign. Yep, it’s the same Sonic picture we saw on the mighty Mega Drive box of the original Sonic the Hedgehog!”

“As I really like your features where you show several places that still carry the SEGA symbolism, I thought ‘let’s take a few pictures for the guys from UK:RESISTANCE!’ So hereby I kindly send you the pictures.”

“Keep up with the good work! And could you might post a link to our (Dutch) SEGA website? It’s at We attend all events, media trips from SEGA around the Benelux and the rest of the world (Leipzig, E3, TGS). Cheers, Maarten.”

SEGA puts the SEMEN in Amusement Park. This has definite potential to be one of those jokes where you zoom in closer and closer.

The subconscious reason we love SEGA so much?