A man went to a “community day” at SEGA Europe. The food and travel was paid for. The food was probably a buffet consisting mainly of tuna sandwiches, so don’t get too jealous. He did get to do a poo in the SEGA toilet, though, then took a photo of the sign inside the cubicle. Here is his tale:

“Thought you might like to know that I went on a ‘community day’ (which is basically flash talk for inviting a load of geeks) at SEGA HQ yesterday to witness the arm-straining epicness of Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games. Not only was food and travel paid for, I got to meet Sonic and Mario (in reality two out of work drama female students in horrendous costumes, but hey, they poured their hearts and souls into it), make a complete arsehole of myself and – best of all – take a huge dump in SEGA’s toilet! I’ve attached a photo of the sign that’s on the inside of said dumpster; it’s not particularly amusing but it has SEGA written on it, so I took more notice of it than I would have usually done of signage in bogs.”

SEGA Europe - cleanliness is next to amazingness

Please wipe the semen off the seat.


  • A photo of the parking sign.
  • When we went there to see a snooker game and pretended it was something more exciting.