Every time you click on one of these links, someone in an office somewhere gets an inflated idea of how many people read UKR. Occasionally, we’ll put in a solid hour doing nothing but opening all of these up in separate tabs. It helps us achieve erection.

  • This thing about Band X releasing a song in Video Game Y.
  • This thing about maybe downloading Spore off the internet and not even bothering to install it just to piss off THE MAN (although the “angle” we used at the time was different and much less interesting).
  • This thing about whoever owns the Commodore brand these days. Someone nicely explained the situation in a comment.
  • This thing about Microsoft managing to make a Japanese Xbox 360 graph point UP.
  • This thing about Gears of War 2 being the shittest game of all time, which we can get away with doing over there now because the commenting system is broken so nobody can leave messages calling us cunts.
  • This thing about Miss IFA being ignored, because you can’t not use pictures like this when they come along:
  • Plus German Secretary for MILF Promotion Dagmar Worhl

    Slightly erratic. Probably need to calm down a bit again. Tension building up inside once more. Need release. 5/10.