As well as endangering a man’s life by publishing photos taken from behind the frayed remains of the Iron Curtain, we having lovingly/hurriedly crafted the following gems/germs.

  • This thing in which we referred to a red camera as coming in “Inflamed Eczema Red,” launching a new subversive thread in which we will insert fictional product colour names in stories until someone complains about it and we’re made to stop and go back through every update we’ve ever written and remove them all. That’s what passes for FUN around here!
  • This thing about cheap Xbox 360s.
  • This thing about power cables which we were told to write, presumably as punishment for Inflamed Eczema Red.
  • This thing which shows we know how advertising works.
  • This thing about a product aimed at sporty women, because you can’t not use pictures like this when they come along:
  • You should see the state of the ones we didn’t use. 2/10.