High-up SEGA Germany employee immortalised via medium of cake. Photograph of cake immortalised via rushed and half-hearted update on UKR. At least four UKR readers immortalised by leaving comments stating update is not funny. World continues to turn.

German SEGA boss immortalised in cake

“Here is a photo, I shot with my iPhone during GC. It shows a cake, that the folks from SEGA GERMANY made for their boss. It even has his face on it! (He is disguised as Mario). The cake looked awful, though. Like someone printed out the cover of the Mario and Sonic-Olympic-Game and stuck it on top of cold-pressed donkeyshit. Some foreign journalists garnished the cake with boogers and scrapings from the floor, while the booth-personnel were not looking. I also wanted to take a picture of that, but the aggressors threatened me with these huge TNA-Wrestling-Redneck-Merchandise-Foam-Pointy-Finger-things.”

“Later when the SEGA-guys offered me a piece of that cake, I kindly refused the offer. Then someone offered me a cup of tea and I said ‘No thanks, that’s not my cup of tea!’ (Did you get the Joke? Hahaha! Although I love tea, I acted like I did not, so I got to do that hilarious joke!). Afterwards, I accidentally rubbed my elbow on one booth-babes large knockers, so it was a nice Games Convention after all! Your humble servant, Ahmet.”