It’s just three YouTube videos. God knows how people managed to regularly update web sites before YouTube came along.

“The only good thing is the graphics are older Sonic and not newer Sonic, so they got that right at least. It’s all about branding and demographics and making the kids happy with their overpriced Orange fuck phones” – Tenno.

“Some time ago, a bit tired of watching so many videos of people playing Mario music on the piano, I made one in which I played all the themes from the game Sonic The Hedgehog. Now Shazomei, another pianist who loves 16-bit Sonic music, has made another in which he plays all the music from Sonic The Hedgehog 2. I hope you enjoy them” – GoriFater.

“I am concerned by your new-found interest in the spiral. Can I point you in the direction of manga and the film “Uzumaki”? It’s a cursory tale, warning of this obsession. Basically, everything in some town gets fucked up into a big spiral (sorry if that spoils it for anyone). Yours Faithfully, Gas.”