A lot of the Dreamcast logos we’ve featured haven’t been that convincing. This one, however, is PERFECT. It even comes in Rubbish European Blue. It’s so good that we have even resized and uploaded the submitter’s other photo of the cafe chain called Segafredo – a depth so low we weren’t planning on featuring it until at least 2011.

'Plagued by suspicious fluids that need rapid and discreet absorption?'

“Here are a couple of photos I snapped whilst wandering aimlessly about the shops in ‘sunny’ Burnham-on-Sea last week. The towel has a vaguely Dreamcast-like swirl logo on it. Stitching was surprisingly good considering it was in a pound shop.”

Would've been rejected in 1999. Grade A material by today's standards

“The other is from the window and signage of a coffee chop as it has SEGA in the title. Nothing too amazing about that. Apologies for the picture quality, the N95 isn’t all that great IMO…” – Mark.