The Dreamcast must’ve been huge in Cuba. It’s practically the country’s national symbol, if the inside of this hotel room is anything to go on.

“Here are some photos of some lamps that were in my hotel room in Cuba. All of them have the Dreamcast logo craftily hidden on them – so craftily, in fact, that you may need to study the pictures a while before finding the logos. I’ve had the photos for a while now but as far as I’m aware they’re still fresh update material” – Craig.

Here’s a slightly closer shot. You can just about make out the logo beneath the lampshade.

Here’s a photo of it with the light turned off, in case you were wondering how it looks with the light turned off.

We could really do with alternate photos taken with the flash, to see what it looks like with the flash. And a photo of the contents of the mini bar would’ve been nice, to add a bit of local colour and see what kind of Toblerones they have in Cuba.

But these pictures are still banal enough for us.