We have once again defied the will of the general public and pretended to know something about the following subjects.

  • This thing about how science could make man better.
  • This thing in which we explain the concept of “books” to younger urban readers.
  • This thing which is about Tekken 6 coming to Xbox 360 again, as the world needs to be told as many times as possible that PlayStation3 is dead.
  • This thing about Gears of War SHOES, which definitely warranted the use of an emoticon in the headline.
  • This thing about the Bruker AKS G4 PHOENIX Combustion Analysis System with Infrared Furnace for Determination of Diffusible Hydrogen in Wide Range of Metals Applications, because you can’t not use pictures like this when they come along:
  • A mumsy and safe 6/10.