Here’s a surprise. A bunch of fat fucks who sit around playing Halo all day are pretty “stoked” about getting some Gamer Grub shite for free.

The one in the sunglasses needs punching first, and hardest, and with the force of TEN THOUSAND HAMMERS. Taking out the rest would be a happy coincidence.

Gamer Grub Endorsed by USA’s WCG Gold Medal Halo 3 Team

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Biosilo Foods today announced Gamer Grub received tremendous response for its line of performance snacks at the E for All Expo held at the Los Angeles Convention Center on October 3 – 5, 2008. News coverage of the snack launch included ABC and NBC news, together with numerous online publications.

“From the buzz generated since the launch of Gamer Grub at E for All, we received great response and community feedback,” said Keith Mullin, founder and CEO of Biosilo Foods. “We are currently incorporating much of the community feedback into Gamer Grub, prior to its release in early 2009.”

Gamer Grub, the Official Snack Supplier for WCG USA 2008, is also endorsed by MoB Gaming—USA’s WCG Gold Medal Halo 3 Team. The winning MoB Gaming Halo 3 team is headed to Cologne, Germany on November 5 – 9, 2008, representing the United States in the 80-country WCG 2008 World Grand Final.

“We are proud to have Gamer Grub join the MoB Gaming Family. We snacked on Gamer Grub the entire weekend of E for All, and thought it was amazing,” said Joey Yamcharem “Scrubtwista,” MoB Deep’s Halo 3 team member. “We won the WCG USA, receiving the gold medal in Halo 3. Gamer Grub is the snack of champions.”

Gamer Grub is currently offered in four tasty flavors—Pizza Blend, PB&J Blend, Wasabi Blend and Chocolate Blend. Gamer Grub will be available online and at retail stores beginning in 2009. For more information on Gamer Grub, visit