Those aren’t our admittedly untrustworthy words fuelled by years of hate – they’re the words of impartial people previously happy to give Sony their money in return for a sub-standard product.

The shit-screened new PSP made a man so angry he had to use CAPITAL LETTERS. Hopefully this latest lone complaint on a Sony forum will lead to a global crisis and millions of dirty Sony pounds going down the big business toilet.

PSP 3000 'shit screen' shame

“Just got a silver 3000. And noticed something wrong right away. Yes the color gamut is wider, yes the black levels are lower, but this screen now has what look like scanlines that were not visible on PSP’s before. Even worse, THERE ARE VERY VISIBLE INTERLACING ISSUES NOW. VERY NOTICEABLE IN R&C SIZE MATTERS. I am not happy about my ‘upgrade’.” – Sony’s own backyard.