This thing here is being widely reported as a NEW SEGA HANDHELD. It is called the SEGA Vision. It is, as far as we can tell, an extremely cheap rebranded Chinese video/MP3 player.

We are not excited. Which means you’re not allowed to be excited either.

It’s being produced by our “friends” at SEGA Amusements, which does not fill us with much confidence. Although Alan Smith is involved, which is good news.

Not “games” but “game” – as in one game. Probably Columns. This is clearly a cheap prize that’ll be found in UFO catchers the world over, rather than a “PSP Killer.”

This is an example of the sort of SHITE that SEGA Prize Europe usually pushes into the supply chain. This is why you should not be excited.

It’s the famous wonky-eyed Sonic! He lives here. Who wants to meet up for a group photo opportunity?


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