We’d imagine you spend a significant amount of time wondering just how much control you will be given over the camera in the new Tomb Raider game. You know, so you can sit near the screen and be near a woman that’s actually life sized, while she goes through her inactivity animations making it seem like you’re also near a living woman instead of your usual recently-excavated rotting corpse girlfriend.

The last Tomb Raider game, which was surprisingly brilliant, let you do things like this. Here’s what you can do this time around, courtesy of one of our non-globe-trotting readers who stays at home rotating cameras around pretend ladies.

Tomb Raider: Underside

“With every incarnation of Ms Lara Croft, the first thing to always be tried and tested is just how close can you get the camera to her for a more ‘intimate’ inspection. And luckily Crystal Dynamics hasn’t let us down!”

Tomb Raider: Almost Inside

“Possibly the best thing about the demo recently posted on Xbox Live is the inclusion of ‘crotch cam’. I’ve attached a couple of pics showing just why such a cam is essential in every Tomb Raider game. God bless the unscrupulous game developer” – Chris.