Here are the least sad bits of what we’ve been doing elsewhere in the sphere of online content generation.

  • This thing about a hilarious internet “meme” that got taken way too seriously and people just ended up embarrassing themselves by being too “into it.”
  • This thing about possibly getting new kinds of shoes for a pretend man to wear in a non-existent place :(
  • This thing about how external HDs are only ever used by men to hide their ‘Sunday Best’ porn on/in.
  • This thing about Microsoft going slightly INSANE and making claims it can’t really live up to.
  • This thing about US console sales, which includes YOU’LL NEVER GUESS WHO? OH YES, SHIT OLD SONY! in very last place as usual.
  • This thing about the ‘Yellow Toy Collection’ Princess, as she will no doubt soon be forced to rename herself when Nintendo’s people hear of it.
  • This thing about mucky little well-polished-turd Avril Lavigne holding it up for Canon, because you can’t not use pictures like this when they come along:
  • Wipe it down afterwards, love

    It’s embarrassing to report that this week veered into fun territory. 7/10.