The “back end” server statistics show we have written 1802 entries since the end of June 2007. Can anyone who is still alive beat that sort of output?

  • This thing about the world’s only gay-friendly rapper Mr C flogging off his vinyl collection for a staggering £75,000.
  • This thing in which we remind today’s kids that Dreamcast was AND ALWAYS WILL BE the best console of all time.
  • This thing in which Bungie tells its idiot fans how to pronounce the name of its new game in a non-ironic fashion that defies belief.
  • This thing about a space-based piss-party. We didn’t use the phrase “piss party” over there, though. But here it’s fine.
  • This thing about new KINDS OF HAIR :(
  • This thing about you’ll never guess who OH YES, SHIT OLD SONY AGAIN making its weekly PR blunder of a hitherto unknown magnitude.
  • This thing about the Samsung DRUMPER, because you can’t not use pictures like this when they come along:
  • Toshiba to launch rival BLOUSERS in Q1 2009

    A clingy man-made fibre-assisted 10/10.