You can never get the spacing right when writing anything other than “SEGA” in the SEGA font. Adam Doree could’ve told you that in 1997. Here are way too many words about the Southampton SEGA Park, which may or may not still be open – we’ve has this email kicking about for well over six months.

Worst update since February 2002

“The first photo shows the entrance to the aforementioned Park. You will no doubt notice that the place was totally empty despite there being a multitude of Outruns, Dance Dance Revolutions and the one with the naked, bald man. Where were all the ASBO kids that call Southampton their weekend home, I hear you ask? Probably out shooting up, I imagine. Shooting up being a poor alternative to a marathon session on Columns. Anyway, that is not so important right now. What is important to me is the fact that the SEGA logo font seems to extend to letters other than just S, E, G, and A. Where can I get hold of this font? And why is it not available on MS Word? Damn you Helvetica!”

STENCH OF DEATH (not pictured)

“The second photo shows the interior of our beloved SEGA Park. You’ll notice that there is actually someone other than me in the building. Now, call me a cynic, but I don’t think he’s in there to play Bongo Jungle. I reckon he’s more likely to have wandered in off the street looking for somewhere warm to live. Or maybe he is the manager. Seriously, who knows? But if he is, then he really needs to do something about the carpet as it looks like one of those Magic Eye things from back when SEGA was still great. I left soon after taking this photo. But not before playing Outrun and getting beaten by my girlfriend. Oh, how times have changed. Cheers” – Atour.